How to make money from Facebook

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How to make money from Facebook. The best three ways to do it.

At present we know about to make money from Facebook and others. It is common all over the world. In the USA, Canada, India, UK, Brazil etc country in this platform.

Hello everybody you know that Facebook is one of the best social media in the world.


Over two billion peoples are using Facebook and its users are increasing day by day.


If you want to earn money from Facebook you just understand that Facebook is a busy marketplace where is so may peoples are staying here with in the world.   


In this article you are know that how to you earn money from Facebook. What’s the qualification need to you if you want to earn money from Facebook.  So let’s start.

What is the need to earn from Facebook ?

If you want to earn money from Facebook you need following tools see below?

1: A smartphone or laptop.
2: A Facebook page or group with enough followers.
3: good internet connection.


If you have the following this things you can earn money from Facebook.  But it is fully depending to you how many times you spend in this work. 


How much effective is Facebook for online money income ?


There are so many social media in the world like that twitter instagram what Sapp etc. but in these social media Facebook is too old and so many users.  


Top four tips to earn money from Facebook.


There are so many way to earn money from Facebook. We just tell you that the best and most effective five ways to earn money from Facebook. See below the tips

Earn money from Facebook video
Earn money from Facebook page
Earn money from Facebook group

Earn money from Facebook video:


You must know that Facebook watch. It is a new feature of Facebook and it is a new video streaming service which is started from Facebook in august 2017.


If you like to create video and if you have YouTube channel then you will publishing video in Facebook watch and you can earn money.


You know that you tubers are earn by monetize their video. The same way you can earn money from Facebook watch.


Some condition to Facebook video watch for monetizing:


You know that you tubers are monetizing their video when they got 4k hours watch time and 1k subscriber. But if you monetize your video in fb watch you are need some requirements see below.


Your video duration is less than 3 minute

At least 30,000 people must have watched the video in the last two months.

More than 10k likes are in your Facebook page.

Manufacturers must be actively present on Facebook for more than 90 days.


Earn money from Facebook group:


You must be a member of different groups on Facebook,

But did you know that you can make a good amount of money from Facebook by creating your own Fb group.


To make money from a Facebook group, you must have a larger group with at least 10,000 or more members.


Once you have succeeded in creating your Fb group, you can earn income from Facebook group through the following methods –

From sponsorship, if your group is very active then different companies pay good amount to Fb group owners to promote their product content.


You can earn money from Fb group by posting sponsors about the product or service.

Earn money from Facebook page:


You should have a lot of followers on your Facebook page for sponsored posts on Facebook, when you work on your Facebook page, you put an ongoing article there and your followers like that article, then read and like it.


When an article posted on your Facebook page gets more views and likes, your page gets noticed by big companies and brands.


Those companies then contact you to promote their products and give you sponsored posts, in return for which you get a lot of money.


In that case, the products of these companies are promoted and you get paid in return, but remember not to promote the wrong product on your Facebook page to make money.


Conclusion: dear reader if you follow this method strictly hopes you can earn money from Facebook.


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