How to Earn Money from Blogging

How to Earn Money from Blogging

How to start blogging How to earn money from blogging ?

Blogging tutorial A to Z in 2022 (start blog in wordpress)

Earn money is very important to learn and earn. In the age of 21th Country . I think technology is the top level reached. Bloggin is passive earning source.


At this time blogging is the most popular media where are you freedom publishing your knowledge and your information.

Bloggingis a great platform to spread the word about what you are good at through the internet.


At this time so many peoples are chose career in a blogging and they earn huge money and establish their life. It is a very good opportunity for you.


You can generate huge earn by sharing your performance and information from blogging by Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.


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Today in this article we are share you

1: what is blogging ?

2: who are blogger ?

3: you must need to some information before you start blogging

4: why are you doing blogging ?

5: some important steps to start blogging


1: what is blogging?


Blog is online webpage where is many post image video and other informative webpage. Here is a blogger publishing their personal performance and informative content.  We are compare blog with journal.  So we are told that blog is a writing passion.

2: Who are blogger?

Blogger is a person who writing content in blog and manage this blog. Simply who are writing content or article that told blogger. You can become a blogger you need a blog and post content in this blog.

3: you must need to some information before you start blogging


Before starting blogging you need have a good knowledge about word press and seo. You can learn about wordpress in YouTube or coaching center near to you. Learn wordpress for manage your blog website and learn seo for generate traffic in your website.

4: why are you starting blogging?

There are so many reasons to start blogging, for example you can do your personal blog or intuition website for institute if you want. Some blogger are start bloggingfor hobby and next time they chose it passion.

5: some important steps to start blogging

 1: you can earn by blogging. At this time so many peoples choose their passion in blogging and they also get success.

2: to motivate your audience or traffic. Many peoples are get benefit to read your published article.

3: blogging is a very god platform to get popularity or represent your own brand or product. Here is you get popularity for your performance in your audience.


Steps to start blogging:

1: Choose a niche which you know best
2: select a domain name and webhosting:
3: install wordpress in your blog
4: select wordpress theme and design your blog
5: start your blog site
6: publish your blog
7: monetize your blog for Google AdSense









1: Choose a niche which you know best


It is a very important step to choose your niche or which topic does want to writing. We suggest select niche topic which niche is you know best. This is even better if you specialize in a particular subject. Writing quality content can help you grow your blog and increase visitors. Some example niche like that health sports money making cooking recipe and more. It is fully depend to you.


Some popular niche to start blogging:

Health & Fitness

Travel Guide


Fashion and Lifestyle

Reviews Blog

Insurance and law

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Set a domain name and hosting:

It is very important to set your domain name. Because of in this blog name get popularity in your audience.


When you choose domain we recommended trying select top level domain like that .com .net .org. when you select domain you are trying to get domain in matched your blog niche.


Because of visitors are get feel security. So many domain and hosting seller vin the world. Some best hosting company




You just need cost $30 to $35.


Install wordpress:


After buy domain and hosting you will get log in details. From here you can install wordpress wordpress. In wordpress a blog manage and use to easy so wordpressget popularity day by day. You will get more you tube videos if you do not know how to install wordpress.

Select wordpress theme and design your blog:


How your website looks will depend on your theme selection. There are so many themes are store in wordpress you can choose any theme which theme you like.

Some optimized theme name






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Install the required plug in:

Since you will start blogging with WordPress, you will need to install some important plugins. A plugin is software that adds Radditional functions to your website to make your job easier.



emember that too many plugins are decreasing your website speed performance.


some important plugins:
Yoast SEO
Contact Form 7
TinyMCE Advanced





Start your blog:

After finish your blog all of design and setting you start writing content in your blog. Write content and post minimum 2 contents. When you writing article you must follow your seo and readability. Write minimum 500 words content in one article. After post article create backlink for increase your domain and page authority.   

Publish your blog in social media:


Publishing your blog a popular way to share your blog content in social media like that Facebook twitter LinkedIn pinterest etc.

 Apply Google AdSense for monetize your blog site:  


You can apply for AdSense after published your post. But remember that after posted 25 to 30 high quality content you will apply for AdSense.




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