Make Money Online By Picoworkers

Make Money Online By Picoworkers

Make Money Online By Picoworkers

Picoworkers is to Make Money Online Based Website. Picoworkers is the money making and website or online traffic website. India, Brazil, Bangladesh, USA People do this work.


How many types jobs i find from picoworkers. how can i complete a task properly. (passiveeranportal)


Welcome everyone to our website.  We always publish very important article for you. today we are discuss how many types jobs you find from picoworkers and how can you work.

We also know that picoworkers is one of the best micro freelancing marketplace. here you can earn money by the doing small tasks. So let’s start


Total category  jobs are listed in here

1: sign up jobs                        

2: marketing test visit jobs:

3: reddit jobs:

4: promotion or voting jobs


5: Facebook jobs

6: twitter jobs:

7: instagram jobs

8: product review or honest review jobs

9: video marketing jobs

10: test an apps jobs

11: write an article job

1: sign up jobs: sign up jobs means you create third party websites accounts for you client. Here is two types of sign up job like that simple sign up and complex sign up.


>> Make Money Online By Picoworkers


Simple sign up jobs just emails submit. You just need to Gmail for complete this type job.

you can earn per task minimum $0.08 to $0.20 .

Complex sign up jobs are need your some document or other social media account.

You can earn per task $0.14 to $2.00. you just follow your employer instruction.


2:  marketing test visit jobs:

There are so many website owner are there. every website owner are trying to increase their traffic and rank their website in search engine.

but it is too hard to rank. so employer post job In here this related job.

They place instruction how to complete their task. you just need to follow them.

They tell you that how can you find their website.

his per task pay employer $0.03 to$0.15.


3: reddit jobs: it is so easy task in this marketplace.

you can easily earn by voting reddit post or commenting. you just need a reddit account.

verify that your reddit account is not shadow banned. i tell you some tricks how can you check your account.

you go to your reddit account and click three dot menu and copy your reddit profile link

And go to browser incognito mode and paste your reddit link.

if you do not find any page you are sure that your reddit account shadow banned. if you find page then your account is

Not shadow banned and you can do reddit task. oif your reddit account is gets shadow banned you can create new account=t and do reddit task.


4: promotion or voting jobs: you can earn money from picoworkers by rating or voting product.

sometimes you just need to sign up any voting website like that coingeko coinsniper producthunt and more.

And you can vote easily any voting jobs.

Here is voting task payment is $0.04 to $0.50. and it is so easy task.


5: Facebook jobs: you can earn money by liking or commenting or sharing in Facebook post or page.

you can earn by creating face book page or group. Here is payment is $0.02 to $2


6: twitter jobs: it is also to easy task. you can get huge job in this category.

You just need to your twitter account and is is not must banned account. you can earn by follow twitter account b

Love or react tweet and retweet any tweet. And for this you can earn $0.02 to $0.40


7: Instagram jobs : it is same to Facebook and twitter related job and it is to easy task. you can earn per this category task $0.02 to$0.50.


>> Make Money Online By Picoworkers


8: product review or honest review jobs : it is highest paying task category.

but you cannot find this category task every time.

employer place instruction how to complete this category  task. here task value is $0.20 to $0.5.00


9: video marketing jobs: it is to easy task in this marketplace.

you just earn money by watching video like video and commenting and sharing. here task value is $0.04 to $0.80.


10: test an apps jobs: we know that there are so many people are marketing by the apps.

there is two types of app like android and iOS app. employer need to test their app or review their app for marketing

you just follow their rule and earn. here task value $0.20 to $0.80.


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