ShareASale Review: The Best Partner For Your Affiliate Marketing Goals

ShareASale Review: The Best Partner For Your Affiliate Marketing Goals

ShareASale Review: The Best Partner For Your Affiliate Marketing Goals


The ShareASale network is one of the largest and most trusted in affiliate marketing. And with over six million members, you’re sure to find a niche partner that suits your needs. 

ShareASale Review: The Best Partner For Your Affiliate Marketing Goals


Whether it is apparel, electronics, toys, or anything else, they have an option for you.


The ShareASale affiliate programis open to anyone who has an online store or blog. 


This includes individual merchants and companies who sell their products and affiliates promoting someone else’s product. 


If you’re looking for a way to diversify your income streams and take control of your success, then this could be the answer for you.



Navigating ShareASale

As you can imagine, a vast majority of merchants on ShareASale are small businesses from which you will only be able to gain access through an Affiliate Program. 


This means you will have to become an affiliate partner with the merchant to sell their products and services. 


Some of these merchants are very popular, while others are lesser-known and may have some secrets they wish to hide. 


If your goal is to find out what some of these secrets are, you need to purchase an Affiliate Program that will allow you to engage in sales with the merchant of your choice. 


However, there is a good chance that you will have access to a significant number of merchants from whom you can earn revenue through affiliate programs.



ShareASale: A Honest Review By Me

You are starting an Affiliate Program! Let’s dive in and discuss what you need to consider before beginning your affiliate marketing program with ShareASale. 


You can choose several options for your affiliate program, and most companies choose the one that best fits their needs. Some clients decide to work with ShareASale because of its brand recognition. 


Others prefer to work with ShareASale because of its speed and efficiency.


Others choose ShareASale because of its financial resources. In any case, the company has various options available to its affiliates, which means you can customize it to your own needs. 


If you don’t feel like running your program, you can work with ShareASale’s Affiliate Network Platform instead.



Pros and Cons of ShareASale

Here are some of the features, benefits, and pros and cons associated with ShareASale.


Features of ShareASale In a concise list of features, here are some of the most important ones we think every affiliate marketer should know about: Affiliate Marketing Platform.


 As mentioned, ShareASale is primarily a marketplace that connects retailers with suppliers. 


What this means is that you can set up a merchant account and create affiliate programs. 


This means that there is no need to do a massive amount of other work with setting up programs, add the merchants to your marketplace, set up some bonuses, add some discounts, and you are good to go!



  • Creates a natural environment for you to link up with new affiliates. It offers a variety of quality traffic sources for traffic generation. It helps you save lots of money while selling your products.


  • Used by some of the biggest companies in the online world, It is effortless to use and user-friendly.


Offers opportunities to generate a regular income can allow you to start and end your links at any time. You can customize your website to include various affiliate links.


  • This article has covered the main benefits and pros, and cons of the most prominent affiliate marketing platform out there right now.



Drawbacks of using ShareASale

You need to be aware of a couple of very notable downsides when using ShareASale for affiliate marketing. 


  • They are managed through a third-party platform similar to the merchant engines used by large ecommerce websites like Amazon. 


  • If you want to use ShareASale for your business, you will be part of their merchant platform. 


This means you will be collaborating with ShareASale, which      means you will have to accept their terms and conditions and abide by their brand.  


  • Another drawback of using the ShareASale platform is that you will need to choose what prices you are going to set for your products. 


  • You are not permitted to do so on the platform unless your enterprise falls under the category of ‘Full Member.’



What Kinds of Merchants Does ShareASale Have?

Most people don’t associate an affiliate network with ecommerce and B2B. 


But in reality, the majority of people who become affiliates for ShareASale do so for retailers of products and services, mostly related to personal and professional use. 


As of right now, the company has an impressive subscriber base of about 16,000 members.

They primarily work with paid subscribers, paying out 25% of their earnings to their newsletter subscribers. 


But they do offer monthly and lifetime memberships. What About the Affiliate Program? 


The real question here is how many people you’re willing to turn into affiliates for you. 


In the same way as any other affiliate marketing network, ShareASale offers you two kinds of subscriptions – one for monthly and one for a lifetime.



How Does ShareASale Compare to Other Networks?

Affiliate marketing is a unique model in that, and unlike other forms of digital marketing, affiliates don’t pay for leads, conversions, or traffic. 


Instead, they earn commissions based on how much product is sold by retailers.


This model is known as affiliate marketing, and you can find several websites out there like, which provide information about it.


At its core, the model depends on having a network of other affiliates willing to sell your products. 


These affiliates spread the word about your products and get you exposure. The result is more sales and more commissions.



Why is it the best affiliate marketing program?

This is a straightforward question to answer: why is it the best affiliate marketing network?


The answer is: Because it gives you everything you want and needs.


ShareASale’s network consists of thousands of best-selling products, such as mobile phones, game consoles, kitchen appliances, and household products, allowing you to generate affiliate sales for those products.


However, the most exciting thing about this affiliate marketing program is that you can buy the products you promote, getting a hefty commission for every purchase you have. 


The network also features an auto-sorting system, allowing you to list your product in a wide range of categories and to be matched with the products you’re looking for.


Why We Recommend ShareASale

Easy Clientship This is one of the big reasons that all affiliate marketing networks share. 


They provide easy client referrals. When a significant merchant accepts your affiliate links, the amount of traffic you can drive to their site increases tremendously. 


You can now create content that people are actively looking for. You don’t have to worry about developing your client list and making your content to get them interested. 


You rely on ShareASale to spread your content without having to get into the complexities of converting and nurturing. 


Similar Clients to My Products Many affiliate networks target identical merchants. In many cases, they may have little in common. 


They might use different payment processors and software platforms.




One of the best things about ShareASale is that it’s genuinely diversified.


That way you can set up a marketing campaign that will help you bring in profits and help you help other small business owners in your local community. 


The core of the network revolves around the web of affiliate relationships. There are over a hundred million site visitors on this network. 


You have to decide which kind of affiliate relationship you want to focus on. The following sections will help you choose where you want to get the most results.


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