The present and future of robot

Robot or What is robotics?

Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with robots. The word ‘robot’ means machine in Bengali; The mechanical form of man is called a robot. But how do people become machines? That’s a confusing question mark.?

It gets even more confusing when, in the 21st century, machines are being made to replace humans. Does this mean that people are running out of needs? So, in the future world, as an alternative to humans, all work will be done by robots?

As a result of the increase in population in the world, the unemployment rate is increasing day by day, and if all the jobs of humans are done by robots, will the unemployment problem not touch the sky in the future?

When discussing robotics, the topic of robot revolution is the focus of discussion. At the rate at which robot technology is being developed at present, we can expect the invention of some robots with immense potential, the robots that will be ultra-intelligent, their intelligence will exceed that of humans.

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In this context, the first thing I remember about a robot woman, who has not heard the name of Sophia the robot, who got citizenship in Saudi Arabia, or seen Sophia’s picture or video on the Internet, I don’t think such a person can be found! The robot is so intelligent that; With the power and intelligence to think like a human, Saudi Arabia didn’t think twice about giving this robot citizenship in their country.

After realizing this, it is not possible at this point to be skeptical about the level of robot technology that can reach in the future.

The future of robotics

Will the development of robotics be comfortable for us? Or we are bringing danger to ourselves in the advancement of this technology!

What do you think, how perfectly our robot makers are doing the work of cutting the canal and calling the crocodile, right?

Robotics needs to be limited to robots, the excess is only when artificial intelligence is included. We are human; Humans are fallible, so it is natural for us to make mistakes at work. But artificial intelligence can be said to be above mistakes, because it can do exactly the work for which it is programmed, that is, in comparison, the robot has already surpassed the human ability.

AI technology’s biggest breakthrough will be the creation of sentient robots. That is, scientists are trying to create robots that will be driven by emotions, they will be able to accept any feeling in themselves, they will learn to understand natural phenomena like humans. The possibility of creating such robots is currently vast given the AI ​​technology. But if it were possible, the sentient robot civilization would not enslave humans on Earth but would want to rule this creation like humans. And two kings can never survive in the same kingdom, so no one can stop the battle of humans vs robots like in sci-fi movies seen in Hollywood.

In other words, if robotics technology is not kept under control, our human civilization will be threatened in the future. In the end, this human-made robotics technology is the cause of the extinction of human civilization!

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