Top 10 Tools To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

Top 10 Tools

The Top 10 Tools You Need To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing


Affiliating Marketing is best way to earn money online. Here we will discuss Top 10 Tools in passive earning money system. It is very important to know about this.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from home. But how do you know what affiliate marketing tools are the best of the best?


Let’s explore 10 of the most popular and tried and true affiliate marketing tools on the market today.


A super-fast laptop

Let’s start right away with number one, and that is a laptop.


Sometimes people ask me, “hey Rakibul can I make money just with my smartphone?” and I say yes, it is possible.


For example, you can make money online with affiliate marketing assistance with your Smartphone on YouTube or Instagram.


But it’s recommended to get a laptop and don’t worry, and you don’t need Lots of money.


Because I remember when I was getting started, with the cheapest laptop.


I built a full-time income online, so it’s entirely possible. So you don’t need like super fast to get started;


However, if you have some extra money, I recommend that you invest in a fast laptop because you don’t want to spend your life waiting for your computer to download the following website and so on.


And that’s why nowadays (2022), I’m using this MacBook Pro, which is fast, so that’s the first one.

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Wealthy affiliate

The one is like all one tool. With this, you can make a full-time income with affiliate marketing.


This gives you many tools in one, and that is called Wealthy Affiliate.


This is where I joined as a complete beginner without prior affiliate marketing experience, and I learned to make a full-time income online.


So what does a wealthy affiliate offer?


  • Training: Wealthy Affiliate give you step-by-step training that teaches you how to make money with blogging, email marketing, youtube and different platforms.


  • Web hosting: They also give you a Web hosting if you have basic knowledge about web hosting and site-building to build your website or blog. You don’t need to buy some expensive hosts from somewhere else.


  • Assistance: They also give you 24×7 support, and there is a community of more than 2 million people.


Because similar affiliate marketing community this stack that money that costs like $99 per month just for the community.


That already gives you all the tools inside the wealthy affiliate.


They also give you keyword tools and other great tools to help you build your affiliate marketing business.



Keyword Tool

This is extremely important if you are building a blog or a website and start.


If you have more experience, maybe you will develop some intuition, and you don’t need this kind of keyword tool so much.


But it can still help check things and what affiliate you will get included in your memberships with this Jaaxy keyword tool.


It will show you which keywords will be the best when you write blog posts.


So you can rank your blog post on top of Google, and when people search for something on Google, they will come to your website.


Other great keyword tools are, for example:


  • long tail pro 
  • Ahrefs
  • SEM rush


I have personally used the Jaaxy and Ahrefs.


Ahrefs is probably the most advanced keyword tool. So if you are like running many different Websites and want to get the most comprehensive understanding of keywords, then I recommend ahrefs.


Top 10 Tools To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing


But it’s more advanced. So if you are starting, you will not need it.


Jaaxy will be more than enough for you, and that is included in your wealthy affiliate membership.


Pretty link

Tool number four is the pretty link (link shortener). Because when you are copying and pasting your affiliate links on the internet, they look raw.


For example, this Amazon link that you should see below.


amazon .in/Smart-AMOLED-Display-Battery-Resistant/dp/B08GXC2NTX/ref=zg-bs_sports_1/259-3718974-4533526?pd_rd_w=79uf9&pf_rd_p=56cde3ad-3235-46d2-8a20


You can see that it doesn’t look immaculate.


So with this pretty link plugin for wordpress, you can shorten your affiliate link like – www.


These links would take a visitor to buy the product because it looks much more beautiful than the other one.


So I recommend you make your links more beautiful. You shorten them using some tool like pretty link.

Top 10 Tools To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing



Tool number five is the most important for other affiliate marketers and me at the moment (2022), and that is Aweber or email autoresponder software.


If you are starting, don’t worry. You will probably not need this, but this will be super essential to start building your email list.


With Aweber or any other email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Active campaign or mailer lite or something else, you can collect email subscribers and email them anytime.


So you can collect thousands of emails over the time course, and then you have direct access to people anytime you want.


And many times, successful internet marketers say that an email list is the biggest asset of your internet marketing business.


Because once you have emails, it gives you more control.


For example, if you have a blog or a YouTube channel or Instagram page, Google and YouTube may change the algorithm, Instagram may change the rules.


So all these things can change, but when you have somebody’s email address, you can directly contact them as long as you want as long as you have that email.


And it seems that Engagement is also better with emails than, for example, on many other platforms.


It’s much more personal, so I highly recommend if you are an affiliate marketer, sooner or later, start building your email list.




Number six is something that I use myself at least weekly and almost daily, and that is screencast-o-Matic, or you can also use another screen capture software such as Camtasia, for example.


I have bought Camtasia. It is high-quality screencast software, but I’m still using screencast-o-Matic because it’s effortless to use.


If you want to record videos, for example, for youtube or training videos for your team members or something like that.


Using Screencast-o-Matic will be very easy. You can record your screen, your webcam also records your voice, and you can create all kinds of videos very easily.



Click funnel or Thrive themes or Elementor

Number seven is Click funnels Thrive themes or Elementor page builder.


You can choose any of this software, but the point of this software, in my opinion, is to build some landing pages.


When you want to get email addresses, and you need a so-called “landing page”.


You need some software for building it, or if you want to make your website more beautiful and optimize things, some software like this may be helpful.


I have been using thrive themes because it’s super cheap and does the job quite well.


If you are starting, this is not 100% necessary, like if you are on a very tight budget, but at some point, I recommend that you buy some landing page software, especially if you are using wordpress.


You can also buy some premium wordpress theme or something like that; it will help you build your blog and website more easily.




Then number eight is again 100% free, and that is


With this, you can build thumbnails for your YouTube videos or images for your blog for many different purposes, all kinds of graphic design.


Of course, if you don’t want to create Any images yourself, you can use freelancers that you find from Fiverr or upwork or these kinds of platforms.


But if you ever need to create some designs by yourself, is a beautiful resource, and I am using it regularly myself.




Tool number nine is called Grammarly. And as you know, I’m not a native English speaker (Live in Bangladesh), so I make many grammar mistakes.


Nowadays, less than before but still some mistakes and even if you would be a native English speaker when you are writing, it may be that your English is not perfect.


Grammarly will help you to create better text and fix your grammar on spelling mistakes.


You can use Grammarly for any text if you are writing blog posts, important emails, or creating landing pages or sales pages.


Grammarly Will help you almost constantly. When I’m writing emails to my list, I use Grammarly to check the grammar and spelling mistakes, which is helpful.


They have a free version that I am using myself. They also have a premium version I have tested; sometimes, it may be helpful.


But for me, I use the free version because I think it’s enough, and I especially recommend Grammarly for those of you who are not native English speakers.


Google Tools

My last one is Google docs and other Google tools.


These are super useful. Also, Google spreadsheet and Google drive are all these tools to upload videos and create notes.


I use this for many different purposes, and I highly recommend it because they are 100% free.


You can start using them immediately, and one of the benefits is that it automatically saves everything you write there.


So, if you are writing on some other platform, sometimes if you lose all the desktop, it’s like gone.


On Google docs, when you write something, it saves all the time automatically. So it will stay on the internet even if something happens.


Like your laptop goes down or something. There are many benefits of using Google tools.


You can use it for brainstorming new ideas listing the affiliate programs that you are part of.


You can see everything in one place. You can write the following keywords that you will target with your videos or blog posts, so there are many benefits.


Top 10 Tools To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing

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Tell me in the comments below which one of these ten tools you are using yourself.

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