What is Google AdSense Account & Earning

What is google AdSense account and how can you earn money from Google AdSense in 2022

What is google AdSense account and how can you earn money from Google AdSense in 2022


Are you looking for Google AdSense account ?

What is Google AdSense and how does work if you want to know about it read this article carefully.

We are sharing you all about of Google AdSense account and

you also know that how to you make money from online by Google AdSense. So let’s start.


At this time many peoples are earn thousand dollars from AdSense.

But how they earn and what is the requirement of Google AdSense if you want to earn. May be you hearing that peoples are earned money by blogging and you tubing from Google AdSense.  


Anyone can earn money from Google AdSense but you must know proper policy and need to hard working and patient.

So discuss details below about what Google AdSense how does it work how to you earn money from Google AdSense.


 What is Google AdSense?

At present online earning is very popular. Google AdSense is online earning way which owner is the google company.

Google collects ads from the client. And that ads earning is the most popular which is google adSense.


What is the advantage of Google AdSense ?


How does Google AdSense work ?


How does Google AdSense release payment ?


When Google AdSense release payment
How to you apply for Google AdSense:



How to you earn money from Google AdSense


What is Google AdSense?


Google AdSense is an advertising network which is helps the website

YouTube and android apps owners by showing related ads.


Google AdSense is lanced in 2003 from Google and is now AdSense is the most trusted and

popular advertising network in the world. Over 14 million website are using Google AdSense and

it is increasing day by day. Here is two types of AdSense account.


1; publisher: who is earning money by showing ads there website or YouTube channel?

2: advertiser:  who are paid Google for showing their ads?


So Google AdSense is a media that use advertiser and


publisher this and money but you must have a blog websites or YouTube channel or android apps.


Using this media you can apply for Google AdSense and earn money by showing AdSense ads.

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What is the advantage of Google AdSense?

It is secured and fresh advertising network both advertiser and publisher.

Here is a good advantage is you no need to sell any product.

You just need a quality website where is have enough information it is enough to earn money. 

Advertiser can show ads by text, image, html ads, and video ads.

And a publisher can experiment in different and they able to know which ads are pay high for publishing their ads. 

Another advantage of Google AdSense you can start auto ads and you no need to

create any ad code where you want showing ads you can manage it easily. AdSense pay their publisher the earning of ads 68%.


How does work Google AdSense:

AdSense are work in mediator of publisher and advertiser.  Adwords and AdSense are different advertising platform.

Adwords: for advertiser

AdSense: for publisher.

Google ads are showing advertisement is search engine, blog, website, YouTube channel, android application.

Advertiser is using Google ads for giving targeted traffic for promoting their product and they generate sell.

Advertiser are pay Google per click in the some targeted keyword is depend their product.

And publisher is show ads in their website it is depend to website content and visitors.

When any traffic is click ads then website owners are get revenue of 68%.


AdSense are count your ads clicks impression and other things and when you reach minimum threshold then AdSense pay you your earned balance.

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How does Google AdSense release payment?

AdSense are paying their publisher in the two methods like that cheque and wire transfer.

If you add your bank account in Google AdSense you can get payment by your bank system.

When you earn over $100 then AdSenseare release your payment.

But when you earn $10 AdSense are send you a pin letter in your post office for verifying your address.


When googol AdSense release payment?

Google AdSense add your earning balance in daily month 2th day for blog and

application and 7 number day for you tuber.

When your earning is reached over $100 they release your payment in 21th day and

you get payment within 3 to 7th day.


If you getting your payment by cheque they send your payment through your address and its can c take up to 20 days. So many peoples are using bank account for payment.


>> What is google AdSense account and how can you earn money from Google AdSense in 2022


How to you apply for Google AdSense: 

If you want to apply for Google AdSense you must have a website or YouTube channel or applications.

Before applying Google AdSense you must read their program policy.

After that you go to their official websites and fill up form in the required information And click submit button.

After clicked they will review your site activities AND



How to you earn money from Google AdSense

When you get approved in Google AdSense you can monetize your website by placing ads.

When people visit your site and click any ads you can get revenue for this.

When account reached $100 you can get your payment by your bank account.


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>> What is google AdSense account and how can you earn money from Google AdSense in 2022


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