7 Things To Buy Second Hand Laptop

7 Things To Buy Second Hand Laptop

7 Things To Buy Second Hand Laptop

In India, Brazil, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri-Lanka is very under developing Country. In those Country Second Hand Laptop is very dependable.


In developing country try to use low price product. Actually it is not big dill but many time this product performance is very low and sometimes it is very bad moment for us.

Indian people are use brand product maximum time. Some Indian and Brazilian use this type of Laptop for their work.


You must need to test seven things when you buy second hand laptop to avoid financial loss. (passiveearnportal)

test seven seven things when you buy second hand laptop


seven things when you buy second hand laptop


Hello everybody in this modern every busy person need a personal computer for working there workplace.

 Also need for students and teachers. Every person likes laptop because it is easy to movement anywhere. But there are so many peoples are live in money crisis.

You also know that Laptopsrange greatly in price.

It is fair to say that they’re generally not cheap pieces of equipment.


So people are choice to buy second hand laptop.

But when it buying buyer are get many face many problem when they buy second hand laptop.

So today we are telling and discuss sevenimportant tricks when you buy second hand laptop to avoid any financial loss.


1: inspect the whole laptop body :

If you get to inspect the laptop in person who sell it then a through body check is essential.

You make sure the laptop frame is free from crack software and signs of impact.

If you find laptop is works well and if  if it looks like it’s been through the wars and

dropped one too many times then you don’t know what kind of internal damage there might be, which may shorten the lifespan of that laptop.

Even if the laptop is working well next

2: check the screen condition:

It is most important step when you buy second hand laptop.

You must make sure the laptop screen in good working condition.

Check brightness and bad pixels and check for flickering.

Open any video and play and compare other laptop before buying second hand laptop.

See the video in angles and width enough.


3: test the trackpad and keyboard:

you know that keyboard is the most useful parts in laptop.

You cannot typing or writing without keyboard.

So you must test all key buttons carefully before buying.

Check for broken keys. If you feel comfortable typing with the keyboard that is ok.

But if you find too many mistakes in keyboard then I suggest try to another laptop.

seven things when you buy second hand laptop


4: Test the Ports and CD/DVD Drive

Try out laptops headphone jack to perfectly working, Ethernet ports for internet, HDMI, SD card slot all the USB ports and other available inputs.

Many of these parts are attached directly to the motherboard, which is expensive to replace.


5. Check Wireless Connectivity:

nobody buy second hand laptop if this is not working internet and cannot connect Wi-Fi. So when you buy you test this activity. Also check Bluetooth connection.


6. Test the Speakers and Webcam:

 You know most old laptop webcams are mediocre. Still, it’s better to have a mediocre working webcam than no webcam at all. So please check this issue.


  7. Check the Battery Health in laptop:

You may not always be able to perform a thorough battery check in most cases.

Still, you can get a rough idea of how long the battery lasts by going into the power management settings of the installed OS to see how much charge the battery can hold and the battery health status.

If you follow this seven steps when you buy second hand laptops you may be avoid to loss.

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